Ready, Build, Run

Shoreline Partners helps business owners navigate the growth cycles of success.


What We Do Shoreline Partners helps business owners’ navigate the growth cycles to success. We achieve this through the phases of “Ready, Build, Run”

Shoreline Partners is a boutique advisory firm for digital companies. Executive director, Brian Steele has a background in Business Planning alongside Mergers & Acquisitions from time spent in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. He has worked in the digital space for 15 years. He is an active investor and professional director with 10 years commercial experience and is involved with a number of educational community projects. Shoreline Partners also tracks the performance of ANZ listed technology companies, complimenting this with a database of over 1,000 ANZ technology transactions.


Ready confirms the business purpose and sets the direction for growth. Ready programs are accredited by NZTE and supported by their voucher scheme include “Strategic Direction”, “Growth”, “Board Candidate” and “Board Meeting”.


Build relates to our corporate finance work to move from ready to execution. We have experience in International and domestic acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and divestitures. We are also familiar with preparing businesses to receive investment funding.


Run demonstrates our commitment through mentoring, advisory and full board roles. We believe a longer term arrangement is more likely to deliver success. We want to stand alongside businesses on their journey.

We are proponents of Corporate Social Responsibility. We demonstrate this through Brian’s work with the NZ Institute of Directors and over ten years of ongoing theatre sponsorship. If these attributes are important to you, we look forward to working with you.

Executive Director

Brian Steele

Brian is the executive director of Shoreline Partners, which provides Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions and Governance services.

Brian holds Bachelors of Commerce & Arts degrees from Victoria University Wellington and is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Brian combines fundamental industry focused strategic planning with governance and M&A skills to ensure that growth is realised through a sustainable long-term program. He gets involved to the level required to assist companies deliver ongoing success.

Services Clients typically engage with Shoreline Partners in the planning stage. This allows us to work together to better understand the true drivers of success within the business.


We work with business owners to understand the key opportunities in their industry, and then plan with them the execution of their strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist growth companies to identify and execute mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their market offering.


We work to achieve succession planning in successful businesses. This includes sourcing third party funds to supplement management capital.

Vendor Sales

When the opportunity arises for new owners to take the Company to the next level, we assist the business owners to realise their investment.


We work alongside the business owner to prioritise their investment to the areas that will deliver a sustainable return to them.

Board Roles

Where we feel our skills are aligned to the vision of the business owner / organisation we will look to take on an appropriate board role.

Other services (NZTE)

Strategic Direction

We test with you your 3-5 year plans both personally and professionally. We then plot future milestones based on where you have reached to date.

Board Candidate

We map with business owners the skills that would most benefit their company. From there we can assist with candidate profiling and interviews.

Board Meeting

We focus on strategy. We guide business owners to structure a board pack to maximise the effectiveness of the meeting.


We work with business owners to determine the most important elements to success and work alongside them in an advisory capacity.

Featured Companies & Organisations Here’s a small selection of companies that Shoreline Partners has worked with, or where Brian Steele has performed a Governance role

Board roles

Advisory roles

Other Interests


Shoreline Partners enjoys great pleasure through its community involvement. We are particularly active with theatre, developing the love of reading and promoting good governance. This includes sponsorship, board roles with the NZ Book Council and the Institute of Directors plus the mentoring of emerging talent. We believe in the educational benefits of sports and arts and are always interested to discuss how to improve the interaction of these elements.

Giddy Up

At Giddy Up, we want to solve one of the biggest problems facing New Zealand’s Arts Community. Everyone is guessing. Producers don’t know how to get funding, who to approach, or even how to ask. Businesses are looking for imaginative ways to reach customers relevant to their brand story and Events and Arts Promoters are looking for audiences to inspire.

That’s where Giddy Up comes in.

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